Women fascinated by dating military men

28-Oct-2017 21:25

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Face it: the vast majority of girls are as hollow as a drum.

The three or four surplus IQ points that college-educated girls have are wasted on them, because all they’re used for is rationalizing a life of mindless consumption and sluttiness.

No, she picks a soft major like English, education or ethnic studies, where there are no standards and you can pass any nonsense in for a grade so long as you sound authoritative.

As loudly as they brag about their “strength” and “independence,” girls know inside that their credentials are worthless in the eyes of men.

Turns out that “boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, girls go to college to get more knowledge” was at least true.

This is why it’s a waste of time for smart men to cast about for a girl who is their intellectual equal: she simply doesn’t exist.

She doesn’t spend her free time reading science textbooks or perfecting her chess game: she Ti Voes .

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Her weekends are spent pumping chumps for peach daiquiris at the dive bar and getting pumped by every stud who stirs her loins.Turns out that this oh-so-intelligent young lady was spending .

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