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Moreover, the system now in place, which requires underlying documents for verification before a SSN is issued, is also subject to fraud because of "the ease of obtaining fraudulent underlying documents (breeder documents) such as birth certificates and driver's licenses."Thus, the SSN is not entirely suitable for a national identification card.

Alternatives that encode certain physical characteristics numerically may be employed instead.

Barbara Jordan called for a "simpler more fraud-resistant system for verifying authorization to work" in a speech to the Senate Immigration Subcommittee in 1994.

California Proposition 187 to decrease services for illegal immigrants has been approved.

In conjunction, Governor Wilson has suggested that "all legal California residents carry a tamper-proof identity card."However, opponents have intimated that the use of the system would not solve the problem but would worsen the situation by forcing the undocumented workers "into the underground market and into more dangerous or less secure jobs." These are steps towards creation of a worker verification database.

Problems with the introduction of a national identification card in the U. would be similar to those related previously in conjunction with the Australian system.

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At the pound, a stray can quickly be scanned, and, if it has a microchip, the animal's owner can be identified. Implants about the size of a grain of rice have been a great boon for owners with lost or stolen pets.