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20-Sep-2017 12:19

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On Sunday the president tweeted a promotion for 'Cop Under Fire,' a memoir by controversial Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, Jr, who has been accused of huge abuses of power.'A great book by a great guy, highly recommended!' Trump tweeted, the day after pardoning another headline-making sheriff, the convicted criminal Joe Arpaio.Swayzer says she gave birth in the cell, and the child lived long enough to suckle at her breast, but that it died, and that when guards found out after checking on her six hours later, they tried resuscitation in the cell rather than taking the baby to hospital.Clarke isn't the only controversial sheriff to get Trump's approval.Her suit claims that after being arrested while eight-and-a-half-months pregnant, she went for days without medical supervision, and was given prenatal vitamins just once.She went into labor inside her jail cell in a maximum security unit on July 14, she says, and was 'laughed at' when she said she was going to give birth, Fox News reported.He pleaded guilty to lesser charges, causing charges of sexual assault made against him to be dropped.

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The man, Milwaukee resident Dan Black, is now suing the department over the alleged January 15 encounter, in which he says he confirmed Clarke's identity and then shook his head ruefully.Clark tweeted the cover for the book, which is subtitled 'Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America,' along with the odd tagline 'It puts meat on the bones of TV appearances.'Trump then retweeted that message with his enthusiastic recommendation.

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