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We have done some minimal editing and formatting in order for them to be clear on our blog format. We are missing out on the gifts and talents of many wonderful people because we have become fixated on marriage as the end goal for all people.Also, if we were not sure if the authors wanted us to reveal their names, we did not include them. We need to be focused, instead, on the gifts and talents of all believers, regardless of marital state.I suspect that chemistry scared the Christian men away, and my church going any that I met at work. During the discussion (I might have had to introduce myself, and when I did so I mentioned where I worked.) That got a loud negative comment, from one of the guys and then my Southern accent was made fun of.One time, when I was looking for a new church, since I had just moved to the area, I visited this large church. No one slapped the offenders down, verbally or otherwise, so you can imagine how I felt.Her immediate reaction was, “Until you meet the right man.” My unspoken response was, “I have, it’s Jesus”. ” But the single groups are the same meat markets, or non-existent. And for younger women on a similar path, some single women role models who were not foreign missionaries, like Lottie Moon would be helpful.(All I want is to find a group to do things with, like museums, craft shows, movies etc.). Singles Groups Are Like Kids' Sunday School Classes With Bigger Chairs- Juniper Being single, especially an older single person in the church is (to put it mildly) not fun.There are plenty of sermons, programs, etc., talking about getting married, problems in marriage, marriage and kids, but very little about living life solo.

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It just seems less threatening that way.) I dated some Christian men, and that was one of the important things I was looking for.

We tended to have our own departments, taught not by successful single men and women, but by couples close to our own age.

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