Pisces male leo female dating

02-Dec-2017 06:56

Don't let this attitude of unattainability scare you away Pisces.

You need to prove to this queen that you are by no means a peasant.

She is a Masculine Fire sign and he is a Feminine Water sign. Don't be too passive with this woman Pisces, and don't scorch this man's dreams Leo.

They are opposites in many ways, but this can be a good thing to help each other find balance. Instead, work together to create a perfect balance.

The psychology of narcissism fascinates me just as much as the ancient science of astrology.

I’ve combined the two to give you a dose of “Astro-therapy.” Yassss readers!

She wants all your attention in the bedroom and outside of it.

This man has charm, wit, and intelligence that will be able to grasp and enjoy her sunny moods.Once you have her heart, which is huge, she will be very forgiving if you ever mess up.They are an extremely understanding breed that lets things go once they are settled.A bottle of cheap wine at a local hole in the wall isn't going to cut it with this woman.

If you gift her (which she will love), don't get something that is cheap.He will love her happy go-lucky and warm personality, but will show her his icy side if she tries to pry out all of his secrets or inflicts on the times he needs to be alone.

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