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11-Jan-2018 03:26

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A student recently outlined a very significant aspect of respect.

When asked what he finds most important in his intimate relationship, he explained: Respect is a two-way street.

Over time, boat owners have been trained to have an eye for possible predicaments and to therefore be conscious of how important considerations are when it comes to maintenance.

Similarly, in relationships, trust can be built and withheld when an individual has become accustomed to taking their friend’s precautions into consideration.

Unfortunately, relationships do not come with a manual like boats often do.

Thus, effective communication correlates with maintaining trust.

Each of the quotes outlined above includes perspective taking and display the connection between the intention of the speaker to receiver. This acronym is implemented during CIP’s Reframing class and is generally applicable to any situation. Kyle and Sally have just expressed interest in each other and have been seeing each other for a few weeks.

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Establishing active lines of communication is needed to then build on the next essential concept: trust. It requires maintenance and application from time to time in order to eliminate potential complications.This is a challenging landscape and can be particularly difficult for young adults that have difficulties understanding the always changing social environment.We spoke to several CIP Long Beach students about their relationships, what makes them work, and what they’re finding important to focus and work on.Sally is interested in becoming friends with Kelly. Thus, it is important for Sally to identify what type of person Kelly is first, and pinpoint the best way to communicate.

If Sally runs up to Kelly and says in an excitedly loud voice, “Hi! For example, a simple smile and soft “Hello, Kelly” might be more effective.Once established they are essential to creating boundaries that uphold individual values, which therefore set the foundation towards stabilizing gained friendships, thus allowing them to flourish.