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28-Sep-2017 19:31

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You don't go to the gym and tell your personal trainer how to train you.You don't go to the dry cleaner and tell them how to starch your shirt. "It's expensive enough to make you feel like you're making an investment, which we want you to feel, because we're also making an investment in our time -- and it's an emotional investment for both of us. But for others, a brand-new car is where they will sink all their extra money.We are committed to helping you attract, meet and retain the one person you can spend the rest of your life with.If you are looking for a healthy committed long term relationship, you have come to the right place.Or this person has really different political views." Erika’s job is to make sure that disconnect doesn’t happen. "The online dating world has become very challenging in many ways -- from general misrepresentation, to different goals (dating versus DTF, etc.), to the time it takes up to overlap occurring in real-life social circles," she says."It may be that people want to regain the time and effort they would spend sifting through profiles by simply paying someone to do the vetting for them.

She found the personal touch of a matchmaker comforting, something you don’t get when you log in to any old dating app.

That's the gap we're trying to bridge." For anyone who’s ever whimpered about how there’s no one left to meet in the city, Erika feels your pain, but is quick to dispel the myth.

"Everyone thinks they know everyone in Philly and it's not true," she says, laughing. See how much time you have left for other things in your life.

By giving feedback after every date, Kaplan works with her clients on everything from nipping bad habits in the bud to fine-tuning the selection criteria.

After being a professional matchmaker for two years, Kaplan considers herself an expert at this process.While Philly doesn’t have the same sensory overload challenges as LA or New York, our city has its own unique dating roadblocks and quirks.