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However, it seems that there are areas that remain “gray” under the law. Clearly, just before I was born, increased protection under the law emerged for victims. Until, when I was in fifth grade, my mom stood her ground. It refers to a number of criminal behaviors: assault and battery; sexual assault; stalking; harassment; violation of a civil restraining order; homicide; and other offenses that occur in the course of a domestic violence incident, such as arson, robbery, malicious destruction of property, and endangering a minor (Source). Then, while I was away (thank God), he returned and took advantage of mom. It has taken some time for culture to catch up to humanizing women (most cases of abuse are done towards women and children, but there are certainly cases when men are the victims). Domestic violence is any physical, sexual, or psychological abuse that people use against a former or current intimate partner. Situations like I grew up in, are clearly what any modern person would consider “abuse.” What then, are we to do with situations that blur these clean-cut lines? However, only since the 1970s has the criminal justice system begun to treat domestic violence as a serious crime, not as a private family matter. (The story, as you can imagine, is much more complex that this brief account.) These are the scenarios we often associate with domestic violence. Believe it or not, domestic violence as a normative crime is somewhat new: All states made “wife beating” illegal by 1920.

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A wise husband will not make a major decision without prayerfully asking God for wisdom, and without seeking his wife’s counsel. Most CDD marriages do use spanking, generally for serious offences, such as the “Four D’s” (Disobedience, Disrespect, Dishonesty, or Dangerous [as in dangerous choices… I put it out on Facebook, and many of my friends thought it was a joke. It uses all the right and convincing language of someone who believes in domestic discipline.