Are leisha hailey and camila grey dating

15-Nov-2017 17:01

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Leisha Hailey reported having been living with her partner, Camila Grey since 2011.

Camila Grey is her band-mate in their band called “Uh Huh Her”.

Sometimes Leisha and her ex-partner were seen to have a dinner date.

It seems that Leisha likes public area as her ideal situation of dating.

Although when she still had a partner though, having children and getting married is not the main thing for her.

Leisha is often seen having fun with her partner in a big event like a musical event or attending other awards events.

It should be that Camila is the type that Leisha love.

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She had some relationships with other girls before but she never decided to bring her relationship to marry.However, in an interview she denied that they were kissing, she said that her partner just gave her a little peck on the cheek.

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